Part21=Behavioral Influence

Part21=Behavioral Influence - Lecture Part 21 (Following...

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Lecture Part 21 (Following 2nd exam) “Behavioral Influence” Analysis of Consumer Behavior (Text chapters 8, 10, 11) I. Viewpoint of the "Behavioral Influence Approach" A. The ultimate marketing goal is to influence consumer behavior B. We can use environmental stimuli to influence consumers C. We don't always need to analyze mental processes. D: Example: How do we get fast food customers to finish eating in a hurry and leave? II. Comparison of “The Behavior Influence” view with the “Cognitive” view A. The "Behavioral Influence" Approach 1. is the focus, without reference to mental events 2. Viewpoint: Behavior is produced by stimuli in the environment a. The environment provides the stimulus for behavior b. The environment provides rewards and punishments which are the consequences (reinforcements as in conditioning ) 3. Our interest is: How can marketers change the environment in order to influence consumer behavior? 4.
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Part21=Behavioral Influence - Lecture Part 21 (Following...

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