Part24=Cultural Influences & photo-2

Part24=Cultural Influences & photo-2 - Lecture Part...

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Lecture Part 24 Cultural Influences on Consumers A decoy airplane of the John Frum cargo cult on the island of Tanna I. Definition of Culture Concepts A. A culture is not a group of people, but it is something held and maintained by the largest group of people we analyze, a society. B. Culture has a ___________________ which includes Learned values, meanings, patterns of behavior, symbols and artifacts which are. .. 1. ________________________by members of a society, 2. ________________________by one generation to the next, and they 3. serve a ________________________ to help society members cope with basic “problems” of living such as: nutrition, getting rest, transportation, resource allocation, family formation and procreation. B. What culture is not: > art such as music and paintings > A group of people (a society has a culture) 1
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C. Subculture = An identifiable group within the society (which may cut across the classes) which holds its own form of the "macro-culture." Subculture
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Part24=Cultural Influences & photo-2 - Lecture Part...

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