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MKT 352 – Winter 2011 Review Sheet – Exam 1 Instructor – Dr. K. Cowart This review sheet is a guide to assist you during your studying, but it is not all-inclusive. It is not a substitute for regular class attendance, thorough review of the lecture slides, or good note- taking. Remember to bring a pencil to the exam. The exam will consist of 35 multiple-choice questions (worth six points each) and four short answer questions (worth 10 points each). Chapter 2 – Expalining the Marketing Reseach Process 11 Steps in the marketing research process Chapter 4- Defining the Problem and Determining Research Objectives Difference between the research problem and its symptoms Two sources of problems Marketing research proposal Chapter 5 – Understanding Research Design The three types of research design and their appropriate uses (Table 5.1) Focus groups Panels Cross-sectional studies/Longitudinal studies/Brand-switching studies Different Types of experiments Pretest & Posttest Independent variable/Dependent variables/Extraneous variables
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