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FOCUS GROUP ASSIGNMENT Your hard work in this God-awful marketing research class finally pays off and upon graduation you land a job as Manager of New Product Development for Nestle Waters, the number one bottled water company worldwide. Hooray for you! (Your success is largely due to the skills you obtained from your outstanding instructor, Dr. Kelly Cowart. You know, you should send her a thank card, flowers or something!) Your first assignment is to spearhead the re-launch of Nestle’s newest product, Aquapod natural spring water, which was developed for youth under the age of 15. Aquapod is affiliated with Nestle’s Zephyrhills brand of bottled water. The last manager was totally incompetent at qualitative research and the product launch was not as successful as the company forecasted. You need to hold a series of three (3) focus groups to determine how the company can best appeal to this target market and drive sales in this area. As such you need to create the following:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Outline of how you will conduct these three (3) focus groups. Provide the specific steps you will follow according to what we have covered in class. Dont forget your problem statement(s). Also create a hypothesis for the present phenomena. 2. Describe your focus group composition. What type of people will you choose to participate in each of the three groups and why? How will you recruit them? How will you screen them? 3. What procedures will you follow to conduct the focus group? What type of facility will you use? Will you use online or onsite groups? Where will the groups convene geographically? Provide a rationale for each of your choices. 5. Your total budget for this project is $9,000. Create a realistic breakdown of how the money will be spent. Be prepared to discuss your plan in-class. Possible Resources: All lecture slides to date...
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