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Checklist - Telephone call(1) - statement about your...

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Taking Appointment: Checklist for Telephone Call (MKT 356-Winter 2011) Keep the following things in mind while trying to make an appointment for the sales call: 1. You are calling at the office telephone number, not at the direct line of the customer. A male secretary will pick up the phone! Ask for the customer. The secretary will ask: “Who is calling?” Introduce yourself and your company briefly to the secretary. The secretary will either directly transfer your call, or might ask you to hold. You must be courteous and friendly with the secretary at all times. If the secretary asks “What is it regarding?” be prepared to answer. 2. When connected to the customer, try to strike a quick rapport by being courteous, introduce yourself and your company, talk about the reason behind your proposed visit, and request for an appointment. Use a general benefit
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Unformatted text preview: statement about your product/company that is strong and thus helps grab customer interest. 3. If the customer shows disinterest, avoids meeting in person, or asks you to send stuff through mail/email, say something to handle that objection effectively. It will happen only once (if at all)….and you WILL finally get the appointment! Thus, get the customer to commit to an appointment by stressing upon the value you offer. 4. Confirm the date and time of the appointment and thank the customer politely. 5. Take care of some other important things: (1) The flow of the conversation should be smooth, so practice in advance what you plan to say, it should sound natural (2) Match your pace with that of the customer (3) Be the last to hang up...
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Checklist - Telephone call(1) - statement about your...

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