Checklist for Sales Call Preparation

Checklist for Sales Call Preparation - C hecklist for Sales...

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Checklist for Sales Call (MKT 356-Winter 2011) Before you consider yourself well prepared, make sure you have worked on and are ready to handle the following aspects of the sales call: 1. Make a good initial impression. How? (1) Be on time (2) Be professionally dressed (3) Use appropriate opening lines (page 228 in text) 2. Strike rapport. How? (1) Scan the office and make some small talk based on what you see. (2) Check the internet, see if you can find something interesting/common and worth talking about. 3. Make a smooth transition from rapport building to talking business. Practice a line or two for making the transition. 4. Identify customer needs. How? Use either open/closed ended questions or the SPIN technique. Do not start talking about your product straight away. 5. Offer value: Based on the needs you identify, make a global statement about the key benefits your product/service can offer to the customer vis-à-vis the competition. Talk in terms of benefits more than just talking in terms of features. 6. Try to build credibility at an early stage as well as at all times. How? (1) Try meeting a promise or commitment you made before or during your visit…be creative, think of something! (for example, if you asked for 15 min time, stop around that time and indicate that you are almost done) (2) Make a balanced presentation; talk about both strengths and weaknesses of your product/service
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Checklist for Sales Call Preparation - C hecklist for Sales...

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