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Outline for Sales Presentation Proposal

Outline for Sales Presentation Proposal - Professional...

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Professional Selling-MKT 356 Outline for Sales Presentation Proposal As part of the sales presentation exercise (worth 200 points), you will need to write a proposal in advance, on which your sales presentation will be based and subsequently evaluated. Essentially what you will be putting to paper is the pre-presentation work you would do for any major sales call/presentation you would make as a salesperson. I. Identify the product that you will be selling. Discuss the various features of the product. (e.g. type of metal in the jewelry, flavor of the potato chip etc.) II. Discuss the type of business that you work for and what position you hold. (This is where you can use your imagination, from a sole proprietorship to a large corporation). III. Discuss the type of business you will be selling to. In other words, who am I as buyer? IV. Based on the features of the product that you are selling, list and discuss the benefits of the product and how it will benefit me as the potential client. You can include various elements of your product’s ‘marketing mix’ here.
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