Ski Trip Package--Sample Sales Proposal

Ski Trip Package--Sample Sales Proposal - S alesP ortfolio...

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Sales Portfolio Ski Trip Package Product: A Ski trip package by Lifestylez Productions. The trip package includes 6 days and 5 nights of plush accommodations in condos on the mountainside of Keystone, Colorado. The trip also includes a 5 mountan 14 day pass to: Vai1, Keystone, Breckenridge, A-Basin, &. Beaver Creek. ' Free night skiing/snowboarding at Keystone. Plus parties and concerts all throughout the week of January 3'o - 8'n. The ski trip package sells for $329. Competitive Products: The ski trip is targeted to college students between the ages of 18-25. Most college students can only afford to go on one trip u year. This makes winter break kips and spring break trips somewhat competitive to each other. I iooked around campus for brochures and spoke to someone at Carlson-Wagonlit Travel. They mainly booked flights, bus rides, trains, and hotel accolnmodations. Carlson-Wagonlit Kincaid Tours Ski the Summit January 3 -7 4 day pass to Breckenridge, Keystone, A- Basin Bus ride to and from Kevstone Condos Price $315 Class Travel '99 Spring Break 7 nights hotel accommodations Round trip transfers Parties (21 hours of unlimited drinks) Cancun, Bahamas Mazatlan, Acapulco, Florida, South Padre Frice 2 people! from $249 erich (Florida) - $749 each (Acapulco) Sitzmark Travel Summit Ski Pass for 4 days (Keystone, Breckenridge,
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z Sales Call Obiectives: This will Uffi. fust time that I spgak to--a. prospective cgtteqS student' I need to clearly go li., all of the featur"t bf the Ski trip packag.e I poke to Steve Tobanski the coordinator of Lifestyrez productions wintlr break ski trip. He said that your .oorri"tion would ,"i1 thi, ttip oot the logic on why they should spend their money this *"y. iust make the feanues very clear and let them take some information aiong *ith phone number at a minimum. Minimum: Gain interest and then clearly go over.all of the features of the ififfi=the college student the brochure and my phone nurnber' Primarvl Seil the trip to the college student' Visionarv: Seli the ski trip package t9 student and give him more appiications so that h; ;an inrTite his friends to go to on the ski trip' Get thc college student excited about the ski trip so he can pass on the exciting information to his friends. Get him to seCup a time that you could meet him and his friends so you can show them a video of last years trip and hype up the triP. I. Seffine Situation -;. I *""14 hu-rrr u table set up at a high traffic area of a college campus' b. The buyer is an avid skier and is looking to go on a trip. The buyer usually takes oo. t ip a year but hasn't really dicided what they want to do' They have explored
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Ski Trip Package--Sample Sales Proposal - S alesP ortfolio...

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