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Syllabus, MKT 356, Winter 2011

Syllabus, MKT 356, Winter 2011 - Department of Marketing...

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Department of Marketing, Seidman College of Business Grand Valley State University MKT 356 – Professional Selling Winter 2011 Instructor: Vivek Dalela Meeting Room: EC 514 Meeting Time: Tue, Thu : 2.30 – 3.45 pm Office: 366C DeVos Center Office Hours: Tue, Thu; 12.45 – 2.30 pm OR by appointment E-mail: [email protected] Course Description This course addresses the requirements and rewards of a career in selling. While few careers offer the opportunities of this profession, it is one of the least understood responsibilities. In this vein, this course will also address the techniques involved in problem solving, persuasion and building long-term relationships. One of the key goals of this course is to provide the student both the understanding and the actual experience of the sales profession. For this reason, students will participate in realistic selling situations, and correspondingly, will be provided information about the sales profession from both the professor and guest speakers. Course Objectives 1) To be able to describe how professional selling concepts can be utilized effectively 2) To be able to establish and maintain effective business relationships 3) To demonstrate the importance of product, company and competitive knowledge 4) To give the student a better understanding of the different types of buyers and how professional selling may be used to direct buyers to solutions that improve their situation. 5) To explain the role of consultative selling in today’s dynamic environment 6) To examine the differences in selling techniques and relationships in the international marketplace. Student Outcomes : Upon completion of this course the student should be able to: 1) Have an understanding of the role of the sales function 2) Understand and use the terminology commonly used in selling 3) Understand the challenges and rewards associated with the sales profession 4) Demonstrate techniques commonly employed in professional selling 5) Organize and effectively present a sales presentation 6) Develop and exhibit greater self-confidence 7) Apply the principles of professional selling to business situations. 1
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Required Text Selling: Building Partnerships , 2009, 7th edition, Barton Weitz, Stephen B. Castleberry, and John F. Tanner. Teaching Approach The course is based on lectures (requiring student interaction) and class-centered activities from the book and outside material. Additional case discussions, videos, speakers, and other approaches will be used to enhance the basic material. There are several grading criteria used for the course, which include two exams, several in-class quizzes, a simulated sales presentation, three take home assignments, and the level of class participation. The instructor reserves the right to make any changes to these components as needed, though such changes will only be minor and the class will be informed in advance.
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Syllabus, MKT 356, Winter 2011 - Department of Marketing...

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