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City College of San Francisco Spring 2011 Statistics and Probability (Math 80) Class Times: T,Th: 6:30-8:30 p.m. in room 230 Office Hours: Thursdays: 6:00-6:30 p.m. in room 401 (the L.A.C. in the library), 5:30-6:30 on TEST days Contact Info: Katherine Williamson (best way to reach me!) Website: Textbook: Stats Data and Models; Author: De Veaux, Velleman and Bock, ISBN: 9780321433794 AND the supplement: Counting Techniques and Probability, written by CCSF instructors (I’ve posted the rough draft of this online) Description of Class: This class is one of the first transferable math courses. It is assumed (and required) that you have taken Intermediate Algebra and that you have passed this course. In this class you will be expected to understand and apply the concepts presented in the text as well as perform calculations. We will be covering parts I – V (about 22 chapters) and the supplement. Calculators are very useful tools, and really are necessary in computing values in this course. You MUST have a calculator for homework, quizzes and tests when needed and you may NOT use your cell phone in class as a calculator on tests/quizzes !!! In this course, the importance is not on just obtaining correct numerical solutions, but showing me how you get to the right answer. Grades: Quizzes (Weekly) 15% Homework 5% Tests 55% Final Exam 25% Homework: There will be weekly homework assignments that will be collected on Thursdays . You are allowed to use your homework on your weekly QUIZ (not on tests). The homework you use MUST be separated from your notes, stapled and ready to turn in. There is usually NOT enough time to go over homework questions in class. Please come to office hours or see a tutor to be sure all homework questions are
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StatsSyllabus3 - City College of San Francisco Spring 2011...

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