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San Francisco City College Spring 2011 Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan 19 Jan 20 Jan 21 Chapter 1, 2 (lecture) Chapter 2 (lecture) Jan 24 Jan 25 Jan 26 Jan 27 Jan 28 Chapter 3 (lecture) HW #1 due Chapter 4 (lecture) Jan 31 Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 3 Feb 4 Last day to Drop w/ o “W” Chapter 4, 5 (lecture) Holiday Lunar New Year Last Day to Add Feb 7 Feb 8 Feb 9 Feb 10 Feb 11 Holiday Chapter 5, 6 (lecture) HW #2 due Quiz #2 (3, 4) Chapter 6 (lecture) Feb 14 Feb 15 Feb 16 Feb 17 Feb 18 Review for Test #1 Chapter 6, 7 (lecture) Test #1 (1-6, Part I) Chapter 7 (lecture) This is just a guideline and is not set in stone – some things we cover may go a little quicker than projected and we may have to shift things around.
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Unformatted text preview: It is possible that we don’t finish chapter 6 enough for me to feel comfortable with giving the test on 2/17. I will let you know in class as we get closer to the first exam. Notice that every Thursday there is a test or a quiz. Notice also that each quiz covers the same material as what was finished the previous week. This is how the course will continue. I will NOT give you any more schedules. You need to come to class to be sure about what is due when....
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