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CHFD 3710 Some employers provide healer pension package The Medicare payment advisory commission (2004) estimates that only about one-third of Medicare beneficiaries have this type of plan. People in these plans have some of the highest incomes among Medicare beneficiaries Medigap insurance covers the difference in cost between government health care plans and the cost of medical treatment Medigap companies offer twelve standard policy The poorest older people rely on Medicaid to help with their long-term care costs.the wealthiest older people can afford the costs of insurance.But the absence of a viable
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Unformatted text preview: long-term care insurance program puts middle-income earners at risk of poverty if they have a long-term illness. Rising health care costs(not pension outlays) explain most of the increase in government spending on older people This looming deficit and the high cost of health care to the federal government make Medicare a target of budget cutting The attempt to cap costs began more than two decades ago.In 1983,the government set up a Prospective Payment System(PPS)...
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