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Group Project ANT 340 Galbraith Groups will choose a particular environmental dilemma (to be approved by me) and discuss it from the point of view of various stakeholders. Groups will need to: 1. Identify the particular environmental resource being contested. 2. Identify the major stakeholders Discuss how the stakeholders wish to use the resource Identify any special needs the stakeholders have * At least one stakeholder needs to represent non-human species 3. Identify the ways in which the stakeholder practices are preserving, maintaining, or harming
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Unformatted text preview: the resource. 4. Suggest a solution to the conflict. The group will be responsible for a twenty minute presentation in which they will present the issue as seen from multiple perspectives, and suggest a solution. Groups will turn in a list of references (at least 10, properly cited) and a two page summery of their proposed solution. Students will receive a grade based on their presentation as well a group project grade....
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