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ASSIGNMENTS UNIT III FINANCE 320-6, 9 -- Winter 2011 Text Reference Ses. Date Topic Exercise # 1 3-1 Ch. 6 pp. 162-171 Ch. 7 pp. 202-215 2 3-3 Review Review Set 5 3 3-15 More on Bonds Ch. 6 pp. 172-193 4 3-17 Working Capital-1 Ch. 17 pp. 528-541 5 3-22 Working Capital-2 Ch. 17 pp. 541-548 6 3-24 Review Review Set 6 7 3-29 Exam Study Hard Details For session 1 (3-1): We will work with valuation of bonds, preferred and common stocks. You will need your financial calculator. For session 2 (3-3): Complete review set 5 in class. I will be away at the Midwest Finance conference. We will do a short section on common stock valuation. For session 3 (3-15): I will provide some additional information on bonds. I will provide some descriptive
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Unformatted text preview: information. . We will discuss risk and interest rate determination. We will also discuss the recent financial crisis. We will alos look at valuation of foreign cash flows. For session 4 (3-17): We will discuss the management of cash and marketable securities with emphasis on float management. For session 5 (3-22): We will finish our discussion of float management and begin our discussion of accounts receivable management. We should have time to start on review set 7. For session 6 (3-24): Complete review set 6. I will randomly select one of the questions/problems to be graded. We will end with a quiz after we review the assignment. For session 7 (3-29): You will take exam 3....
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