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appreciate_dep DG - peso explain your answer in detail...

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FIN 320 Foreign Exchange Rate Appreciation/Depreciation Problem Daily Grade 2--Due January 18, 2011 On September 2, 2009 the following foreign exchange rates were quoted at www.xe.com $.0743/Mexican Peso, $.02052/Indian Rupee, $1.4215/Euro. Calculate the indirect quote for each of these and place your answer in the first grid below. From the internet source listed by your authors on page 569 (and above) or elsewhere find the current direct and indirect quotes for the US$ and each of these currencies and report these values in the second grid below. (Please list and date your source.) For each of these currencies list whether the dollar appreciated or depreciated relative to that currency. For the Mexican
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Unformatted text preview: peso explain your answer in detail, using first the direct and then the indirect quotes. (Don’t provide a rationale using current events. Simply tell me how you know that the $ depreciated or appreciated given the numbers!) Indirect Quotes September 2, 2009 Currency Indirect Quote Mexican Peso Indian Rupee Euro Source and Time _________________________________________________ Current Quotes Currency Direct Quote Indirect Quote Appreciates/ Depreciates Mexican Peso Indian Rupee Euro Explain! Referencing the direct quote, the US$ _____________ against the Mexican peso as shown by Referencing the indirect quote, the US$ _____________ against the Mexican peso as shown by...
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