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ASSIGNMENTS UNIT II FINANCE 320 6, 9 — Winter 2011 Text Reference Ses. Date Topic Exercise # 1 2-8 Time Value of Money-1 Ch. 4, Ch. 5 pp. 130-137 2 2-10 Time Value of Money-2 Ch. 5 pp. 120-129,137-139 3 2-15 Time Value of Money-3 Review Set 3 4 2-17 Time Value of Money-4 Ch. 5 pp. 139-149 5 2-22 Time Value of Money-5 Review Set 4 6 2-24 Exam Study Details For session 1 (2-8): We will begin class with an overview of the concept of time value of money and with a definition of various types of cash flows. In chapter 4 your authors discuss calculations with lump sum payments and how to use a financial calculator to determine these values. In the readings from chapter 5 your authors discuss calculations with annuities. We will discuss both of these topics in class. Don’t miss this class!! Don’t forget your financial calculator!! For session 2 (2-10): We will continue to apply time value concepts to annuities and extend the application of these concepts to uneven cash flows and perpetuities. The final topic for today will be applying time value concepts to international cash flows.
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Unformatted text preview: For session 3 (2-15): We will work with review set 3. At the first of class you will be asked to submit a randomly chosen question or problem from the first part of the review set. I will hand out a solution set for most of the problems from the first part of the review set. After we complete our review of this section there will be a short individual quiz. For the reminder of class we will work on time value with international cash flows. After we review the assigned problems we will have a group quiz. For session 4 (2-17): We will discuss several applications of time value of money and then start on review set 4. For session 5 (2-22): You will be asked to turn in two problems out of three randomly selected problems. (I will select three problems from which you select two.) The quiz at the end will also be another group quiz. For Session 6 (2-24): Exam Day --- Study Hard....
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