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ASSIGNMENTS UNIT IV FINANCE 320-6, 9 -- WINTER 2011 Text Reference Ses. Date Topic Exercise # 1 3-31 Capital Budgeting Described Ch. 1 pp. 12-15 CB: Cash Flows Ch. 9 pp. 267-271 2 4-5 CB: Cash Flows Ch. 9 pp. 271-283 3 4-7 Review Review Set 7 4 4-12 CB: Decision Tools Ch. 8 5 4-14 CB: Risk and Options Ch. 9 pp. 283-292 6 4-19 Review Review Set 8 7 4-21 Exam Details For session 1 (3-31): The last topic of the semester deals with decisions about long-term assets. The process of making these decisions is called capital budgeting. The reading in chapter 1 discusses agency cost which affects capital budgeting. The reading in chapter 9 describes various issues concerning estimating cash flow inputs for capital budgeting. For session 2 (4-5): We will continue with issues in estimating cash flows and will work on some problems.
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Unformatted text preview: For session 3 (4-7): Review set 7 is due today. In this review set we will discuss agency costs. The assignment relative to agency costs at Westar will be turned in for a grade. We will discuss agency costs and work the cash flow problems. Expect a quiz on cash flows. For session 4 (4-12): In this session we will discuss rules for capital budgeting decisions. For session 5 (4-14): We will discuss some complications that arise when capital budgeting is applied in the “real world,” including dealing with risk. For session 6 (4-19): Review set 8 is due today. For session 7 (4-21): Exam, study hard! Final Schedule (Project Due and Retakes Given) Section 6 (11:30) Wednesday, April 27, 12:00-1:50 Section 9 (1:00) Monday, April 25, 12:00-1:50...
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