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LECTURE OUTLINe-Un2 - 4 Interest Rate 5 Timing V...

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LECTURE OUTLINE FINANCE 320--UNIT II Winter 2011 Topic--Time Value of Money I. Introduction A. Concept of Time Value B. Types of Cash Flows II. Calculations with Lump Sums A. Finding Future Value B. Finding Present Value C. Finding Interest Rate D. Finding Number of Years III. Using a Financial Calculator IV. Annuity Calculations A. Definitions Reviewed B. Future Value 1. Ordinary Annuity 2. Annuity Due 3. Required Payment C. Present Value 1. Ordinary Annuity 2. Annuity Due 3. Required Payment
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Interest Rate 5. Timing V. Calculations with Perpetuity A. Definition Reviewed B. Present Value C. Interest Rate D. Timing VI. Unequal Cash Flows A. Present Value B. Future Value C. Interest Rate VII. Time Value and Foreign Exchange VIII. APR & EAR A. Definitions and Examples B. APR: Monthly Payments C. EAR: Monthly Payments D. Other Compounding Periods E. Effective Period Rates IX. Amortization X. Special Finance Offers XI. General Application...
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