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MGT268 H. Klein Project 3 Master Data PROJECT 3: CREATING MASTER DATA MASTER DATA 1: How to Create a Material Master for a Product: This step will show you how to create Material Master data for a product. You will do this by copying the data from an existing SSB, Inc. product (or material as SAP calls them). Your material ID should be in the form <ID>-ENSB3000 where <ID> is the ID assigned to you preceded by a section identifier. My version of ENSB3000 would be AHAK- ENSB3000 (for section 07) or BHAK-ENSB3000 (for section 09). Prep: Fill in all of your material numbers in section II of the Project 3 Worksheet; be prepared to capture certain information (as you go through C. below) about each material you create and fill it in in section II as well. A. Navigation: Getting to the right screen so you can create a material master. EASY ACCESS MENU: Start With Almost there Ends With Logistics Create (Special) Trading Goods SCREEN NAME TRANSACTION CODE Create Trading Goods (Initial Screen) B. Setting Up Your Material: NOTE YOU WILL BE REPEATING B AND C FOR EACH MATERIAL YOU NEED TO CREATE . Selecting the material screens or views you need and setting up to copy from an existing material (to save you the grief of entering all of this stuff yourself). - Enter: To tell the system what you want to create and copy from: Attribute Description Data Value Notes Material Your material number or ID Your material from as you indicated on the Project 3 Worksheet Industry Sector Industry Retail NOT R or Retailing Copy From Material Material Number you want to copy from The appropriate SSB, Inc. material number indicated on the Project 3 Worksheet. Make sure you change this to the right material number each time you create a new material. - Click on - Choose: Basic Data 1 Sales: Sales Org. Data 1 Sales: General Plant/Data Purchasing Accounting 1 Project 3 A. Master Data 1. Material Master 1
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MGT268 H. Klein Project 3 Master Data - Click on: - Enter the following information: This identifies more information about the part you want to copy from. Attribute Description Data Value Notes Plant Production Plant PT00 Sales org. Sales Organization SO00 Distr. channel Distribution Channel WH "Copy from" Line 1 Copy From Plant PT00 "Copy from" Line 2 Copy From Sales Organization SO00 "Copy from" Line 3 Copy From Distribution Channel WH - Click on: - NOTE: To save some time here when you create the rest of your Material Masters, see the note on "Saving Some Time When Creating Material Master Records" in SAP TIPS. C. Creating your materials: Now you will actually be in the material master and see what data values have been copied to your new material - You must view each of the 5 material master views. You can do this by hitting enter. Each time you hit enter, you will be shown the next of the chosen views or tabs. When you have viewed the last tab and hit enter again, you will be asked if you want to save your data. Do so or hit (SAVE) when you have viewed the last screen (Accounting 1). Follow up:
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MGT268P3MasterData - MGT268 H. Klein Project 3 PROJECT 3:...

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