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MGT475 H. Klein Assignment 03 – Chapters 5 and DB Views (as discussed in class) Program Name: Z III_P3_ MoreSales Use what you have learned (in the chapters you have read so far and what we have discussed in class) about using database tables, db views and writing report programs against a database table to print out the following reports. See note below on assigning values to variables that you have declared in DATA statements. Please read through all of this before you begin to make sure that you understand all of the points involved. NOTE that I want you to use Database Views as discussed in class to complete these reports. Do not use anything other than the simple SELECT statement described in the book to do this stuff. Those of you who did use more advanced statements in Program 2, back off. Create appropriate views and use these in your program to get the results indicated below. 1. The output first should look like this: Sales Order Detail Information Ord Mat Mat Ord Unit Calcd Act # Item # Mat. # Description Type Grp Qty Price Total Tot 1 010 HLMT5000
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W11MGT475P3_ExpandedFirstReports(2) - MGT475 H Klein...

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