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H. Klein MGT475 Winter 2011 MGT475 Program 5 (Z iii _P5_City) Produce the output shown below using SELECTs as discussed in class and the commands you have read about in the text. In particular you will have to make use of string commands described in Chapter 5 and logical expressions and flow control commands described in Chapter 10. You should not use VIEWS, but SELECTs exclusively. You should copy Z475F_City and Z475F_State to your own versions of these tables (Ziii_P5City and Ziii_P5State) to try out your program. Make sure you activate them after copying them. You will have to add some data to these tables so that you can test your program to see if it works. Only add a small amount of data to test your program. It does not have to be real, but should test the conditions in your program. I will make it possible to test using real data in the future. But first, add data to test your program to make sure it works. We will discuss this in class. In addition, I want you to predict your results using the Predicted Results Template provided on Blackboard. You should upload your predicted results to Blackboard by the due date. You will be graded on achieving the correct output under the constraints described above (60 of 100 points), having created predicted results using the template (15%) and having written an elegant program (25 out of 100 points; see the guidelines on this posted on Blackboard). The
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This note was uploaded on 04/05/2011 for the course MGT 475 taught by Professor Klein during the Winter '11 term at Grand Valley State University.

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W11MGT475Program5(1) - H. Klein MGT475 Winter 2011 MGT475...

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