ECO 365-02 Syllabus W2011

ECO 365-02 Syllabus W2011 - ECONOMICS 365-02: COMPARATIVE...

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ECONOMICS 365-02: COMPARATIVE ECONOMIC SYSTEMS Winter 2011 Tuesdays 6:00-8:50 DEV 109D Instructor: Daniel Giedeman, PhD Office: 486C DEV E-mail: Office Hours: Phone: 331-7488 (and by appointment) Course Goals and Objectives: Relative to such economic goals as economic freedom, full employment, growth, efficiency, consumer welfare, equitable distribution of income and security, how well do alternative economic systems perform? This course studies contemporary, evolving capitalist, socialist, and mixed systems in different countries. Prerequisites: ECO 210 or ECO 200 is the prerequisite for this course. Theme: ECO 365 is part of the Democracy Theme (Theme 23). Preparing for responsible participation in public discourse requires that people become conscious of both complementary and competing viewpoints and recognize that any issue or problem can be viewed from multiple perspectives. Cross-disciplinary study helps students integrate knowledge from various disciplines through the study of a major idea. The thematic component of the General Education Program builds on the knowledge gained in the Foundation Categories. Each thematic group consists of interrelated courses that explore an idea from three different perspectives and examines the connections that exist, actually or potentially, among our various ways of understanding major ideas. The thematic courses continue to address creative and critical thinking, articulate expression, and information literacy. In addition, these courses focus on integrative skills. Contacting Me: The best way to contact me is via e-mail. I check my e-mail many times every day (from school and home), so I should typically be able to respond to you within a few hours of your mail. You may also call me on the phone, although it might take a little longer for me to get back in touch with you. Course Format: This class will be taught using a lecture format in which significant class discussion is expected. As is discussed below, a portion of your grade will be determined by your participation in class discussions--you must therefore come to class having read the assigned material and prepared to discuss the subject matter. Textbook: There is not a textbook, per se, for this course. (I decided not to use a textbook for the simple reason that I was dissatisfied with the selection of prospective Comparative Economics textbooks available and I could not find one that I thought was worth the price the publishers were asking (typical books were about $130 or so).) Instead, you will read one book designed for a popular audience ( Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science , by Charles Wheelan) as well as various articles and papers. (I should note that one downside to this method of presenting the material is that you will actually have to read the
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This note was uploaded on 04/05/2011 for the course ECO 365 taught by Professor Giederman during the Winter '11 term at Grand Valley State University.

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ECO 365-02 Syllabus W2011 - ECONOMICS 365-02: COMPARATIVE...

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