Instructions for Book Review W2011(1)

Instructions for Book Review W2011(1) - Book Review...

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Book Review Instructions Due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, April 19 th --NO EXCEPTIONS (if you desire, you may turn in the assignment earlier). For each calendar day that your assignment is late, I will deduct ten percentage points from your assignment grade. Instructions: You are going to read a book and then write a review of it. Your review should contain a basic explanation of the book’s topic and then a critical review of the author’s arguments. You should explain where the author has successfully made his or her point and where the argument is lacking. (I do NOT want a book report, such as you might have written in grade school that merely summarizes a book. It is essential that you “critique” the book and explain what about the author’s argument(s) are good and what are not good. This critique should comprise a large part of your book review.) A list of possible/suggested books is given below. You do not have to use one of these books, but if you decide to review something else, please check with me first. Some of the books are harder than other ones—I will take this into account when I am grading. Note also that I am well aware that you can find reviews of most of the books listed below online—I absolutely expect that you will NOT “borrow” from these reviews when you write your own review. You may also not review books that you have already read for other classes. Assignment Objective: It is impossible to cover everything about Comparative Economic Systems in a 15 week course. The for with this assignment is to help you learn a little bit more on your own and to force you to critically evaluate what you are reading. Format:
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Instructions for Book Review W2011(1) - Book Review...

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