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Assignment Schedule dated March 24 2011

Assignment Schedule dated March 24 2011 - Chapter 10 Global...

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TENTATIVE Assignment Schedule 6:00 pm – 8:50 pm class Meeting Date Reading Assignment Quiz, Current Events, Homework Thursday, February 24 MIDTERM EXAMINATION Midterm Evaluation in class. Provide Homework 5 in class Thursday, March 3 Chapters 7: Global Information Systems and Market Research Quiz: Middle East Map. Current Events: Najib, Chuck, & Leigh. Richard Holwill as Guest Speaker, Hand in Homework 5 Thursday, March 10 th Spring Break - No class HAVE Fun! Relax! Thursday, March 17 Chapter 8: Brand and Product Decision in Global Marketing Current event: Angelica, Bethann, Jovon, Quiz: Chapter 7, Provide Homework 6 Thursday, March 24 Chapter 9: Global Marketing Communications Decision Part 1: Advertising and Public Relations Current events: Jennifer, Hanna, Quiz (20points) Americas , Chapter 8, Hand in Homework 6. Provide Homework 7 Thursday, March 31
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10: Global Marketing Communications Decisions Part 2: Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Special Forms of Marketing Communication Current events: Danielle, Tim, Katherine & Alex. Quiz: Chapter 9 Hand in Homework 7. Guest speaker: Balazs Siklos Thursday, April 7 Chapter 11: Global Market Entry Strategies: Licensing, Investment, and Strategic Alliances Current events: Deanne, Simon, Justin & Nicholas. Quiz: Chapter 10 , Provide Homework 8 Thursday, April 14 Chapter 12: Global Marketing Channels & Physical Distribution Current Events: Sidi & Joslyn. Quiz: Chapter 11. Hand in Homework 8! Thursday, April 21 Chapter 13: Pricing Decisions Review for FINAL EXAM Quiz: Chapter 12 & 13. Current events: Shea, Joe T., Joe H., Chuck, Simon, Bethann Thursday, April 28 Final Exam at 6:00 pm!...
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Assignment Schedule dated March 24 2011 - Chapter 10 Global...

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