470-Drug Policy Slides

470 drug policy slides

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Unformatted text preview: Drug Problem Drug Drugs have been the focal point of the crime problem in the U.S. for many years. Directly or indirectly , they were responsible for the dramatic rise in the murder rate in the 1980’s, gang violence, the soaring prison population, the worsening crisis in race relations, and the steady erosion of individual rights in Supreme Court rulings (Walker, 2006). Key aspects of the problem include ideology, medical effects of a particular drug, relationship to crime, individual rights, extent of illegal drug use, and public policy. Extent of Illegal Drug Use Extent Pages 264­66 in text. Over 22 million individuals have a substance dependence or abuse problem in the US. An estimated 10.4 million Americans aged 12 or older used methamphetamine at least once in their lifetimes. According to the...
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