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Research Paper W11 - CJ 482 - Culture, Crime, and Justice...

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CJ 482 - Culture, Crime, and Justice Special Topics Paper PART I (5pts) Due Date: February 8, 2011 You must get your research topic approved, in writing . Your topic approval should include the type of writing assignment you intend to complete (analytic, explanatory, or argumentative) as well as provide a brief overview of your topic. Your topic proposal is basically an introduction to your research paper (approximately 2 pages). PART II (20 pts) Due Date: April 7, 2011 Assignment: Write a research paper relating to culture, crime & justice on any issue that interests you , and is related to the course. You may write an analytic, explanatory, or argumentative paper. Your paper should be at least 6 pages of typewritten words, not including the cover sheet and reference page(s). Before starting, read “How to Write a Research Paper,” by Robert King (1999) at . King’s five commandments for writing a research paper will provide you with some valuable guidelines. Topic Selection: I know that students often feel nervous about picking the “wrong” topic for a research paper. In this assignment, the door is wide open for you to explore anything that interests you, as long as it falls within the general content of the course. You may wish to review the syllabus, including the course description, guiding questions, and course objectives; review the
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Research Paper W11 - CJ 482 - Culture, Crime, and Justice...

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