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CJ 495 Grading Template

CJ 495 Grading Template - GUIDELINES FOR THE MIDTERM EXAM 1...

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GUIDELINES FOR THE MIDTERM EXAM 1. Read each question carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked of you. 2. If the question has multiple parts/sections, be sure to answer each. 3. Develop a quick outline before writing your response. Use this as a guide when writing your response. Do not submit this as part of your response. 4. Write your response in formal essay style using complete sentences and paragraphs. 5. Your response to each question should have an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph 6. Your response should be clear and concise, integrating as much of the information from the readings as possible. 7. Follow all grammatical rules, etc. GRADING TEMPLATE 13 points 15 points 17 Points 20 points Writing Style, etc. Below average writing style for college senior; limited logical flow of information. Average writing style; some clarity and somewhat accurate flow of information. Professional writing style; clear and concise; logical flow of information.
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