CJ 495 Midterm Exam(1)

CJ 495 Midterm Exam(1) - EXAM 1 CJ 495 Listed below are the...

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EXAM 1 CJ 495 Listed below are the midterm exam questions. The exam will be timed to 150 minutes (approximately 30 minutes per question). Students will be required to answer 5 questions. The exam questions will be randomly selected at the beginning of class. In order to prepare for this exam, review the handouts and re-read each of the assigned readings. Students may also want to consider responding to each question in advance and reviewing the exam questions in small groups. Responses will be graded on the quality of the response in the context of information, writing style (write in a clear and concise manner), grammar, spelling and legibility. 1. How does the media impact societal perceptions of crime and crime control? 2. What factors have led to a decrease in crime in the United States over the last 20 years? 3. What are some endogenous variables that impact crime? Are they valid predictors? Why or why not? 4.
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