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Technology Quick Response Team DETERMINING INTERNET CREDIBILITY Evaluating the Credibility of Internet Sites The World Wide Web provides a unique opportunity for virtually anyone, anywhere, to be a writer and/or publisher. For less than $50, any person with access to an internet-linked computer can register a domain name and set up an Internet site. There is little or no government monitoring or control of what is published on Web sites. Persons, companies, and organizations can publish materials on the Web that may have factual errors and/or may be either accidentally or purposely misleading. Because anyone can publish just about anything on the Web, Internet users should, therefore, use caution when gathering information from the Web. Before accepting a site’s published material as credible or truthful, users should try to determine who controls the site and whether the publishers have an underlining agenda. Are they trying to sell you something? Are they trying to influence you to adopt their opinion in
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Determining_Internet_Credibility - Technology Quick...

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