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WRT 305 Essay Grading Grid 4 Excellent Correct Spelling Accurate, Sensible Punctuation Conventional Grammar 3 Solid No Obvious Spelling Errors Functional Use of Punctuation In General, Solid Grammar 2 Adequate Few Spelling Errors Some Awkward Punctuation Some Grammar Problems 1 Inadequate Frequent Spelling Errors Frequent Punctuation Problems Frequent Grammar Problems Area 4: Mechanics 4 Excellent Precise, Interesting Diction Natural, Fluid Expression Interesting Sentence Variety 3 Solid Mature Diction Clear, Comfortable Expression Varied Sentence Patterns 2 Adequate Basic Diction Functional Expression Choppy Sentence Structure 1 Inadequate Vague or Incorrect Diction Labored Expression Simple or Incorrect Sentences Area 3: Style 4 Excellent Inviting, Challenging Opening Smooth, Purposeful Transitions Artfully Conceived Pattern 3 Solid Clear, Purposeful Opening Helpful Transitions lear, Sensible Pattern 2 Adequate General or Mechanical Opening Abrupt or Mechanical Transitions Basic, Mechanical Pattern 1 Inadequate Empty or Misleading Opening Weak or missing Transitions Little or No Overall Pattern
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Unformatted text preview: Area 2: Organization 4 Excellent Interesting, Impressive Strongly Focused Key Ideas Developed in Substantial Detail 3 Solid Thoughtful Stays On Topic Ideas Developed in Detail 2 Adequate Basic, Functional Generally Maintains Focus Support Tends to be Skimpy or General 1 Inadequate Superficial Focus Shifts or Disappears Little Development of Ideas Area 1: Content The Mid-Term Exam Essay for this course is graded according to the criteria used for the old WRT 305 exam. There are four categories that I will score according to the following criteria. You will accrue points for the course, and a letter grade, according to the tables below. Mid-Term Exam Essay Grade Please see me right away if our math 16-14 = 13 = 12 = 11 = 10 = 9 = 8 = 7 = 6 = 5 = 4 = 500 points (A) 475 points (A) 450 points (A–/B+) 425 points (B) 400 points (B-/C+) 375 points (C) 350 points (C–/D+) 300 points (D) 200 points 100 points 50 points Student Name:...
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