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WRT 305—Professor Todd Kaneko Documentation Assignment Due in class on Tuesday, March 29 both on Blackboard and in hard copy: Using the sources below, create a proper References page in APA format OR a Works Cited page in MLA format—not both. Place your name in the upper-left hand corner; after that, format it to make everything look exactly as it would if you were attaching the page to a finished paper in the either APA or MLA format. Be sure to use our copy of Easy Writer to make sure you are using the most up-to-date format. This assignment is worth up to 200 points. Note: do not use quotation marks in your searches. 1. Database: WilsonSelectPlus Search terms: “Trojan war” and “Iraq” as keywords Document the article by Mockenhaupt as if you had the magazine itself. 2. Database: Academic Search Premier Search terms: “Japan” and “tsunami” Document the PDF of the article by Goto, et. al. that appeared in Earth-Science Reviews.
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