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To complete this (SWS) requirement you will write three (3) papers of approximately 1,000 words (4-5 typed, double spaced pages) each. The SWS portion of the course will be equal to 1 credit (25%) of the F nal grade for NUR 430. The topics and individual point value of the papers are as follows. Paper #3: Consider the scenario from “Code Gray” involving baby D.J. or a dilemma that could result from the withholding food/± uids from an adult. A typical paper might include: A brief synopsis of the ethical dilemma presented in the video. A description of your personal values that apply to this situation, the etiology of these beliefs, and how they developed over time. A description of the most signiF cant professional values, ethical issues, and legal issues that impact this ethical dilemma. Discuss how these and your values support or con± ict with each other. A thoughtful discussion of the implications of the legal, ethical, and value issues you
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Unformatted text preview: have discussed. How do the implications of these issues help lead you to a decision - or create a gray area in which the decision is not clear? This time, you should discuss a decision, and how the ethical, legal, and value issues have helped you determine what action you would take in this situation. Summarize support for your decision. Writing Assignment NUR 430: Theoretical Aspects of Nursing WRT 305 Below is an excerpt from a writing assignment used recently in an SWS course in the Kirkhof College of Nursing. The F rst paragraph refers to all three writing assignments from the semester, and the second paragraph refers only to the third assignment the assignment to which Kathryn Bosch responded when she wrote Withholding Nutrition: An Ethical Dilemma. Assignment used by permission of Professors Rebecca H. Veltman and Susan Jensen, Kirkhof College of Nursing, Grand Valley State University...
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