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TO: WRT 305 Students FROM: Professor Todd Kaneko DATE: January 25, 2011 SUBJECT: Process Log Assignment Your major WRT 305 assignment this semester is to complete a substantial writing project from another class. (If you have no substantial writing project from another class, you can choose from the list of alternatives on Blackboard.) Your overall goal is to do as well as possible in your other class. My goal is to guide you through the writing process so that you do as well as possible—and to help you identify the strategies that work best for you. There are four components of this assignment: 1) Process Log Contract: By February 8, you will complete a worksheet that a) lists the courses you are taking this semester and the writing assignments you expect in those courses, b) identifies the substantial writing project on which to base your Process Log assignment, and c) proposes WRT 305 due dates for the Process Log folders and Consultation E-mail. 2) Writing Project Memo: By February 22, you will submit a one-page memo to me that describes your substantial writing project and identifies the main challenges you face in completing it successfully. On February 2, we will discuss the basic format of this memo (and other business-type memos). 3) Process Log Folders: Between February 24 and April 21, you will submit four folders, each containing a cover memo and supporting materials related to the work you’re doing on the substantial writing project (more details below). 4) Consultation E-mail: Between March 17 and April 14, as you work on your substantial writing project, you will make a consultation appointment with the professor for whom you are completing the project. After the consultation, you will send the professor an e-
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ProcessLogAssignment_revised - TO FROM DATE SUBJECT WRT 305...

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