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Acc 340 – Accounting Information Systems Winter 2010 Take-Home Quiz #5 Jane’s Jello Emporium is a company that buys, restores, and sells artifacts associated with JELL- O. Examples of such artifacts include actual boxes of JELL-O, JELL-O cookbooks, JELL-O magazine advertisements, JELL-O molds, JELL-O sports trading cards, and so forth. Jane purchases JELLO-artifacts from a nationwide network of suppliers. These suppliers find the artifacts at antique shows and flea markets. Jane also hires local artisans to restore the items, improving their condition and allowing Jane to charge a higher price for the items. Specific details of the tasks that make up the acquisition/payment cycle for Jane’s Jello Emporium are as follows: New suppliers are added to Jane’s database (on disk) when an existing vendor submits a recommendation letter. The purchase agent receives the letter from the recommending vendor and determines whether to accept or reject the recommendation. For approved recommendations,
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