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Research Project Economics 350-01 11/22/2010 Economics Wizards
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“Overtime there has been an increase in female representation across all occupations and industries” (Dalimia IB 14). In the past, women did not make up a significant portion of the labor force; however that has changed over time. This research project allows us to further understand how the labor force participation rates among men and women have changed. This change would also suggest that men and women allocate their time differently in terms of market work, nonmarket work, and time spent on leisure. After working with the data previously retrieved, we can make assumptions relating to bargaining power, gender ideology, and time availability. The first step of the research project required us to find the summary statistics regarding the participants for the data. Standard deviation and the mean for number of children, male and female age, number of hour’s males and females worked and male and female earnings is presented in Figure 1. We have derived the means and standard deviations for the previous variables, this data will help us to further analyze the existing economic differences among men and women. Out of the 29,179 observations we have calculated the percentages in terms of race; in more detail Hispanics which is presented in Figure 2 of the data set. Education levels for both men and women are also presented in Figure 2 of the data packet. The majority of our observations have at least obtained a high school diploma. We have computed a nonmarket variable consisting of what we believe is to be nonmarket work.
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research project paper - Research Project Economics 350-01...

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