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determining if problem exists - sometimes create conflict...

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Lauren Hanrahan, Nick Rempe, Anne Kastelin, Brendan Murphy G3 Due: 9/29/2010 Determining if the Problem Exists 1. The patterns of communication may be occurring in the restaurant because people tend to interact better with those that they have something in common with. Quite possibly people are more comfortable around those of their own race, considering it is a common similarity that they share. 2. Though this is not a drastic problem, it is surely an issue that needs to be addressed. A business runs most efficiently when all employees work together and well with one another. When areas are divided into separate groups it can
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Unformatted text preview: sometimes create conflict and confusion within the workplace. 3. We have decided it would be best to directly address this issue with the staff, while at the same time trying to avoid all confrontation. We would start my integrating different areas of the workplace to see if that fixes the problem. If that does not produce our intended solution, than a company-wide staff meeting may be necessary. It is important to let the staff know that effectively communicating with one another will help create a more productive and healthy workplace....
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