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g3 - interacting with one another then I cannot imagine the...

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Lauren Hanrahan MGT 331-07 Due: 9/30/2010 Determining If a Problem Exists 1. People interact best to those that they have something in common with. Race is a common thing that people share. There could have also been previous connections established before entering into the workforce. 2. I think the situation creates somewhat of a problem. I think that a business runs best when all employees work well together. If the work places is segregated, and employees are not
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Unformatted text preview: interacting with one another, then I cannot imagine the business being a friendly and open workplace. 3. I would address the issue with the staff, just so they know that the problem is noticed. I would have a company wide meeting to explain the problem, and possibly allow some employee input. The staff should know the importance of diversity and how it will make their job more efficient and enjoyable....
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