g4 - immediately understand how to use it Their instant...

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Lauren Hanrahan MGT 331-07 G4 Using New Management Information Systems 1. If consultants were to use the new IT, they would find that their job would be much easier. They will find that they are able to stay better connected to their fellow employees and managers. They will have a new organization system that allows them to be efficient in other areas rather than spending so much time on organization. If the consultants are up to day on an information system, than they will be better able to consult clients. 2. When trying to convince the consultants to switch to a new information system, some problems may arise. They may be somewhat weary and scared of the new information system, and the fact that it will be new and they will not be able to
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Unformatted text preview: immediately understand how to use it. Their instant thoughts are probably who will train them to use this, and why is it needed. They will probably want to know how the new information system will benefit them. 3. To motivate consultants to learn the new IT, we should make training completely free and available to them. We will show them how the new IT will decrease their workload and help them out. We should ask the consultants what types of problems they are encountering in their work. After discussing their problems, we should figure out a way for the new information system to resolve the consultant’s problems....
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g4 - immediately understand how to use it Their instant...

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