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g5 - own they should be rewarded This ‘good behavior’...

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Lauren Hanrahan G5 Due 11/11/2010 Increasing Motivation 1. Workers are clearly not self motivated to do their job on their own. They only do their job most efficiently when a superior is around. Unfortunately this lack of motivation is very bad for business. Employees are not doing what their job entails them to do correctly, and this is having a very negative effect on the customers. 2. Though this may not be entirely ethical, employees should be told that somebody is always watching. Looking back at previous chapters, they seem like they belong to theory Y. If employees believe that someone is always watching, than they will be constantly motivated to correctly carry out their job. There should also be a reward system set up. When an employee does something good on their
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Unformatted text preview: own, they should be rewarded. This ‘good behavior’ will pass on to other employees. If employee behavior and customer satisfaction does not improve, than the employees should be replaced. Comment cards from customers would also be a good idea. 3. Spotters should be handled similar to clerks as stated in question two. Quite possibly there should be quotas put in place. Spotters need to understand their distinct job as a spotter, and if they are not living up to their expectations, than they should be let go. 4. Once again, the pressers should be treated similar to the spotters and clerks. I really do thing that a reward system is a great way to handle things. Rewards for a great job help to motivate and encourage workers to do better....
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g5 - own they should be rewarded This ‘good behavior’...

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