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i7 - clothing for a specific age of men and women...

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Lauren Hanrahan MGT 331-07 I7 Due: 10/12/2010 Building Management Skills Express Fashion 1. Express Fashion is in the retail industry. They sell both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. According to their website, Express is the sixth largest retailer of men and women’s apparel in the United States. They mainly market to men and women ages 18-30. Express has nearly 570 retail stores all over the United States. 2. It appears that the company uses focused differentiation. They have a specific market in which they target towards, and only a few segments. They produce
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Unformatted text preview: clothing for a specific age of men and women, particularly those with a medium to high income. 3. Express’ corporate level strategy is to concentrate on a single industry. Express develops new kinds of products and surely expands its locations. 4. It appears that there have not been any huge changes in Express’ strategy. They are a very successful company, so their current strategy must be working out for them....
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