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Lauren Hanrahan I8 Due 10/19/2010 Managing Ethically 1. A company should provide incentives to encourage employees to work harder and more efficiently. A company is socially responsible to provide a safe product to the public. Not properly training employees, thus creating defective products is unethical. Especially because serious consequences such as death could result from a bad product. 2. Toyota should look at its competitors to get an idea of what they’re doing wrong. Employees should be specialized, and if there is a need to specialize more employees to reduce the workload, then Toyota should take on that responsibility.
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Unformatted text preview: Toyota should explore all other alternatives and evaluate them in order to make a new decision on how to run things. It seems as though Toyota is rushing, and in turn creating a below standards product. 3. Personally, I do not feel that any layoffs are acceptable; however I understand how at times it could be the very last option. Employees’ skills should be reevaluated so that they are put into the proper decision. When a position is taken away, a new one should be 4. created that the employee can do....
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