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Lauren Hanrahan MGT 331-07 I12 Managing Ethically 1. Social loafing is defined by the book as the tendency of individuals to put forth less effort when they work in groups than when they work alone. Social loafing occurs in many different settings. I’ve experienced myself in many groups within school classes, and at work as well. There are always those people who just ‘ride along’ and don’t put in their share of the group work. It is just simply unfair for somebody do not do any work in the group, and receives the same output as the rest of the group members. It is unethical to take credit for something that you did
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Unformatted text preview: not do. 2. In a self managed team, managers have somewhat of an ethical obligation to step in when they are away social loafing is occurring. I think that it is first up to the group to handle the problem. Managers are there as a last resort to go to, because they have more authority. The whole point in working as a group is to resolve issues together as a team. The group should decide how to handle the situation and how to address it first. If that fails, then I think it is the manager’s obligation to handle the problem....
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