Project #2- Executive Summary

Project #2- Executive Summary - Many people have hectic...

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Executive Summary Short lived pets, for those people who have long term time commitments is a an  idea created for people who want the experience of a pet, but may not have the long  term time commitment necessary for today’s long lived dogs or cats. There is a large  market for this product. It includes the over 50 million people worldwide who currently  own pets; including the 63 percent of U.S. households who own pets alone.  This will create an impact by also acquiring a new market for this product (people  who would consider buying pets if they were short lived). We will also have the ability to  expand into pet supplies and services for these short lived pets. There is strong growth in  the pet industry which will help our product to be successful. This new product will  make money because of the time crunch faced by so many people in our society today. 
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Unformatted text preview: Many people have hectic lifestyles which do not allow them a lot of extra time, but they may still want the experience of having a pet. Expanding our product into short lived pet services and products will really allow us to acquire profits in an expanding industry. We will need around $300,000 to start our business. We will allow $50,000 in fixtures, $200,000 in pet inventory (including costs for genetically altering the short lived pets) and $50,000 for website development and other various costs. This should give us a medium sized store, along with a web presence and substantial beginning inventory. We will need to acquire this money before we will be able to start our business; especially because to genetically enhance these pets will require a large amount of invested capital....
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Project #2- Executive Summary - Many people have hectic...

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