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step 4 project 2 - business of Short Term Pets efficiently...

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Business Description: Mission Statement: “Short Term Pets will provide healthy and loving pets for those people who have long term commitment issues. We promise to genetically create a little buddy that will not outlive your love for them.” Business Goals: 1. Short Term Pets will create an interactive website that will let a customer customize the different features of their future pet, as well as choose the lifespan they think they can commit to. 2. Short Term Pets will acquire top scientists in the genetics field to ensure every pet will stay completely healthy. 3. Short Term Pets will advertise by providing free pets to tabloid friendly Hollywood stars who will promote our product by keeping them in the media spotlight. 4. Short Term Pets will set up a product distribution system that insures our customers of the safe delivery of their new pets. 5. Short Term Pets will put in place a management structure that is able to accomplish the
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Unformatted text preview: business of Short Term Pets efficiently and profitably. 6. Short Term Pets will have both online sales centers and several physical stores in local malls that will draw attention to the product. 7. Short Term Pets will only offer traditional pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, pigs, and a select few reptiles. Management will discuss the opportunities that offering non-traditional pets could bring to the company in the future. • Project Objective: Today’s society is so fast paced and hectic that individuals and families do not have time to commit to a long term pet. Short Term Pets discovered the need for a pet with a genetically determined short life span. Short Term Pets would like to provide all types of people with a pet they can love and care for....
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