lauren hanrahan strategic plan

lauren hanrahan strategic plan - Market Research World Mars...

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Market Research World Firm Tech Price Features Demand Advertisin g Value Mars Airborne 1 280 2 1608 32100 <40 Diabolical 1 240 2 2173 25600 Business Strategy I feel that a broad low cost business strategy would be most successful in the simulation. Asia is most concerned with low cost, so the low cost strategy will crucial in Asia. The United States and Europe are more focused on product features, so low cost will not be quite as crucial in those countries. Though my low cost is more concentrated in Asia than in the United States and Europe, I feel it would be most profitable to offer a low cost all around. With many normal goods, as the price of a product decreases, the consumer demand increases. My goal is to sell the most products at the lowest achievable cost to reach the highest profit. By providing a low cost at the beginning of the simulation, I can attain sales right away. As I produce more technologies, I will try to provide them at a lower cost relative to my competition. By doing this, hopefully I can conquer most of the market share, while bringing in the most revenue. Business Function Plan Marketing plans to support the low cost strategy go the first four rounds. Number of features for each technology
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lauren hanrahan strategic plan - Market Research World Mars...

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