A MKT 351 Study Guide 3 - Fall 2010

A MKT 351 Study Guide 3 - Fall 2010 - MKT 351 Third Exam...

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MKT 351 Third Exam Review Fall 2010 Chs. 8 and Ch. 10 : Analyzing and Influencing Consumer Behavior (We discussed these together when we explored “The Behavioral Influence Approach” to consumers) What is overt consumer behavior? (191) The book lists a useful set of categories of overt consumer behaviors which happen in sequence in a purchase (194) The Behavioral Influence method of influencing overt purchasing behavior is described in chapter 10 where on page 232 the diagram in exhibit 10.1 shows that marketers may try to affect behavior directly by manipulating environmental stimuli or they may try to indirectly affect behavior by working with consumers’ attitudes and cognitions. How does the Behavioral influence approach differ from the Cognitive approach (see the diagram on page 232; also see the lecture notes) What types of behavior may we want to influence? (listed on page 194 and described in following pages) Exhibit 10.4 illustrates the types of behaviors marketers may need to influence and suggests ways in which these behaviors can be measured to judge consumer responses to influence efforts. (243) Why is a sales promotion (235) considered part of the “behavioral influence approach” by the text? Ch. 9: Conditioning and learning Behavioral learning methods studied in chapter 9 are one way to influence behavior without influencing cognitions. The two types of “
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A MKT 351 Study Guide 3 - Fall 2010 - MKT 351 Third Exam...

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