paper 1 - [Type text] Lauren Hanrahan MKT 351-01 Due:...

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Unformatted text preview: [Type text] Lauren Hanrahan MKT 351-01 Due: 9/21/2010 Report 1 Market Segmentation Name and Nature of Business The company that I chose to analyze was Forever Sun, with two locations in Allendale. Forever Sun is a tanning company that provides various levels of tanning beds. They are basic and do not offer features such as spray tanning like larger tanning salons do. I spoke with an employee of Forever Sun named Tori (the manager was not in at the moment). I am a former customer of Forever Sun and asked Tori if most of Forever Suns customers were college women such as myself. Surprisingly, Tori explained to me that though the majority of customers for Forever Sun are women of Grand Valley, their market is very mixed. Their customers are a good size of both men and women of high school levels ranging up to adults in their fifties. Consumer-Product Relationship Consumer-product relationship refers to benefits that the company provides, and that type of person would want those benefits. Though it is scientifically proven that tanning is extremely harmful to your skin, people go tanning for various reasons. The vast amounts of people (mainly college aged women) go tanning to maintain a color or tan when they are not able to sun outside. Mainly women are interested in this feature. Ive known people to go tanning before they go on a vacation, to ensure that they do not burn once there. Personally I have gone tanning before because of my severe acne, which tanning has been able to quickly and temporarily clear up. The 1 [Type text]...
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paper 1 - [Type text] Lauren Hanrahan MKT 351-01 Due:...

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