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RRDoc100_and_102 - Organization for Women or the National...

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Reading Guide for  Radical Reader  Documents 100 and 102 1. Radical Reader  Document 100, Betty Friedan, “The Feminine Mystique,” (1963) What does Friedan identify as the “problem that has no name”?  What is this  problem?  How would you characterize it? As Friedan sees it, what is the solution to the problem?  What solutions does she  reject? 2. Radical Reader  Document 102, National Organization for Women (NOW),  “Statement of Purpose” (1966) There was a vigorous debate over whether to name the organization the National 
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Unformatted text preview: Organization for Women or the National Organization of Women. Why did they go with the former? • How does this document attempt to relate the emerging women’s movement to the civil rights movement? • How does this document employ the language of civic nationalism? • How does this document address the issues of motherhood and marriage? • How does the document address education and political participation? • How radical is this document?...
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