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Sarah Sarosdy – sks739 Due: Friday, October 29, 2010 NTR 307 Discussion Questions 2 – Sugar Substitutes 1. The main reason many people use sugar substitutes is because they want to reduce their caloric intake without giving up their craving for sweetness. Sweet-tasting substitutes also help disguise unpleasant tastes. I have a friend that loves cucumbers sweetened with Splenda. If he did not add Splenda, he would never eat the cucumber. Splenda helps him add fruit and vegetables to his daily diet that he would otherwise miss. Nonnutritive sweeteners also have the potential to assist in dental health since they do not promote dental problems that sugar provides. High fructose intakes can cause hypertriglyceridemia and gastrointestinal symptoms which can be avoided by sugar replacements as well. Even people that are not obese fall into the habit of drinking “diet “drinks in an effort to remain thin but still enjoy the sweet taste. The ADA report stated that sugar substitutes were first created to help diabetics enjoy the “sweet” taste without energy since their bodies could not process sugar levels controlling energy levels efficiently. As the obesity problem worsens and high sugar levels become a growing health concern, the artificial sweetener business has become incredibly popular. People of all sizes turn to sugar substitutes; as the overweight desire to be thinner, and the thin desire to remain lean. Although, sugar substitutes are not always a successful way to lose weight, many people have achieved significant weight loss by giving up sugar and increasing their daily exercise levels. Watching one episode of the popular television show, “The Biggest Looser” can document that claim quite well. Yet there is also research that discovered diets filled with artificially sweetened food had a propensity to eat more and gain more weight than diets containing the natural high calorie sweet sugar. Consuming real sugar causes a feeling of fullness which results in encouraging one to stop eating. Artificial sweetened food results in more consumption because the fullness feeling is not realized.
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ntr307discussion2 - Sarah Sarosdy sks739 Due: Friday,...

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