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ntr307Q4 - effects For an obese person attempting to be...

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4. From what you have learned about artificial sweeteners, would you use them yourself or recommend them to others to take? Why or why not? From what I have learned about artificial sweeteners, I would still use artificial sugar myself in moderation, yet with a bit more caution than before. I do believe that moderation is important, especially in using anything which is artificially made. Some that I have used in the past I will not continue to use since research is not completely confident they are safe. I will also use more caution when using the ones with negative side effects. The food guide pyramid suggests “using sugars sparingly.” If someone preferred their diet to be sweeter than a sparingly amount, I would encourage them to use nonnutritive sweeteners so they could minimize their chances of obesity, diabetes and heart disease which excess natural sugar can lead to. I would not recommend the brands uncertain of being safe, and I would be sure to inform others of the parietal side
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Unformatted text preview: effects. For an obese person attempting to be healthier by losing weight, I would suggest they could enjoy using the sugar substitutes that research indicates are safe. I would inform them that nonnutritive sweeteners offer extra choices in beverages which save energy for use on nutrient-dense foods. Nonnutritive sweeteners may also increase the deliciousness of fruits and vegetables so individuals can snack healthy instead of fried or fatting alternatives. They could also increase the taste of whole-grain breads and consequently increase the nutrient density of their diet while still upholding a lower energy intake. Yet, it is important to remember to use the sugar substitutes along with a sensible weight management plan which includes a balanced diet and exercise. Bibliography o Time: Can Sugar Substitutes Make You Fat? o CSPI: Sweet Nothings: Not all Sweeteners are Equal o Position of the American Dietetic Association: Use of Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweeteners...
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